Friday, June 24, 2005

Smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!End of Course June2005! Air Hostess School

End of course October 2004-June2005

Just a few words about the fantastic students from the October2004/June 2005 I had ..But first of all let's remember them: Nadwirka "the sweet smile", ZuriƱe "the tatoo girl",Nacho " the cresta man", Barbara S " the Oh sorry, I can't stop talking...", Clarita "dinamita", Barbara O " I will show you all my teeth when I laugh", Iria " the elastic girl oh my God", Lore " little earthquake", Diego "I'm not shy, just reserved..." , Cris "the permanent translator terminator" and Tamy "and the Oscar goes to..." . What can I say? Future flight attendants full of joy and hope ready to board the biggest plane of your lives...Thank you for letting me be a part of it... And I cannot forget all the 3 month course guys> Lorena Abelleira, Susi, Miguel, Jorge, Oscar, Ruth, Paula, Olallas, Rocio, Blanca, Maria, Alvaro, Eva, Sandra, Adrian, Patri, etc, etc, etc....Some of them already Flying High!!!!!!!
See you soon (hopefully on a plane!!!!!!!)